The Desert Song - 1952 Studio Cast (MacRae)

tesslar wrote on August 16, 2010

Could someone please help with the name of the film musical the song 'Be Careful' comes from. Many thanks.

lptodisc wrote on August 17, 2010

tesslar wrote on August 22, 2010

Thanks, but no unfortunately. It's from an album SING BEFORE BREAKFAST which has songs from movie musicals 1929 -1939. I have a copy and the owner of the original is now overseas - I live in New Zealand. It's been fun tracking down the tracks (!) but Be Careful has me stumped!! Thanks anyway. Best of Wishes. Robert

AndyW wrote on August 23, 2010

I think that the full title is sometimes refered to as 'You Can Be Had, So Be Careful'. It's from the 1933 movie '(That's My) My Weakness' with music and lyrics by Robin, De Sylva and Whiting. See:

tesslar wrote on August 24, 2010

Spot on!! Many, many thanks. Robert.

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