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TXTyler wrote on August 29, 2016

Hi, guys! Even though I love that this database is so complex, I feel that there's so much here that has nothing to do with cast albums/musical theatre. It seems like we can add the complete discography of a singer who once sang a showtune on an album 50 years ago. Is there any filter to see recordings that are related to cast recordings? The reason I ask is because when I search for newly added recordings, the vast majority of the recordings aren't theatre related. It seems the database is out of control. Thanks for letting me gripe. smile Ty

hitormiss wrote on September 7, 2016

Non "cast" recordings (ex. vocal albums) should only be added if they contain several musical theatre songs (or at least 1 rarely covered song). Hopefully these recordings will be more useful in the database once the system to convert track listings into indexed songs is finished.

To search for recently added stage recordings (or other types), you can go to Recordings > Browse > and then filter by type and sort by date added. For ex,

TXTyler wrote on September 8, 2016

Thank you so much! I guess I never realized that there was a filter option. That is immensely helpful.

vladdy wrote on October 2, 2016

Not that anyone asked me, but I feel that the more inclusive this database is, the better. (I didn't even realize I could filter my searches, which is awesome.) For example, I just think someone like Ella Fitzgerald, who never appeared in a stage musical and only sang in a few film musicals (always as just a singer, never playing a role) still needs to be represented here. Where would we be in our appreciation of Cole Porter if not for her historic, ground-breaking 2-disc Songbook from 1956? (And of course she followed it with records of Berlin, Arlen, Mercer, Gershwin, etc.) There is a lot of overlap between the Broadway songbook and the "Great American Songbook" as they call it, especially as more and more stage shows are written to encompass music that didn't originate on stage. This isn't meant to be argumentative; I just always believe in "the more the merrier!"

pmwxyz wrote on October 2, 2016

Well said, vladdy! I love this free ( !!! ) database and appreciate all the hard work of Administrator Matt. It cannot be easy maintaining, monitoring, and updating a database like this. What a service to the theater music loving community! Thanks to Matt (and all the CastAlbums members who contribute and help build the database.)

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