Password Reset Bug (Users can’t login after pressing “Forgot My Password”)

cristianew wrote on September 2, 2022


User equisy has asked me to write this post on his behalf because there is a bug on the website that prevents him from login himself.

What is happening is that when you press the "Forgot My Password" button a new password is supposed to be sent by mail. However, nothing is being received and since the password has been modified, you can no longer identify yourself.

Could someone take a look to see what's going on?

Thank you very much in advance

hitormiss wrote on September 11, 2022

This should be fixed now. I you click "Forgot My Password" and don't see an email in your inbox in a minute or two, check your SPAM folder.

cristianew wrote on September 12, 2022

Hello again and thank you very much for your help! Unfortunately the email is still not received, not even in the spam folder.

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