Cast Recordings on Minidisc

JCinRVA wrote on February 4, 2017

Anyone know if there is a list somewhere of the cast recordings commercially released on Minidisc?

hitormiss wrote on February 7, 2017

Good question. I did a quick search on Discogs, and it found only 3 items I would classify as cast recordings:

* ULLAdubULLA remix of Jeff Wayne's WAR OF THE WORLD

* English Studio Cast of NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS

* English Studio Cast of STARMANIA

There may be others, but I don't think this was a genre that saw many releases on the format. When I get a chance, I'll add Minidisc as a format option for this website.

JCinRVA wrote on February 10, 2017

Thanks! Very curious! I seem to remember seeing a recording of the OBC of Into the Woods on sale at Tower Records years ago

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