Candide - 1968 Concert Cast

meredith24 wrote on November 29, 2017

Hi, My daughter is a devout fan of both Leonard Bernstein and Madeline Kahn. Both she and I have been searching for 4 years for a program or recording from the 1968 Concert Cast of Candide. Is there any way for me to obtain a copy of this recording or any other memorabilia surrounding this concert? She will be celebrating a big birthday soon (21 years) and I was hoping to give her a gift to always remember. My email is [email protected] Thank you, Sue

nick62 wrote on November 3, 2018

Hi - you can get this from, an online business that sells CDs and DVDs of opera, musicals and early TV. They list two different 2CD sets for the 1968 Candide ( CD 1950-2 and CD 6868-2).

Their recordings are "unofficial" and quality varies. I have quite a few and most are acceptable - some are lousy - but many are excellent especially those that originate from a TV or Radio broadcast. The DVDs are $3.99 and CDs $2.99. plus postage. Discs come in an envelope and are plain silver with their catalogue number written on. Hope this is of use. Nick (UK)

samwa wrote on November 27, 2018

Hi I really want to get the CD as well but am nervous about getting it from that website. Are they legit/safe?

nick62 wrote on December 7, 2018

Hi - I have bought a lot of CDs and DVDs from them and have only once had a defective disc (which they replaced). As for quality it's a bit hit and miss. Many of their recordings are taken from TV & Radio Broadcasts. These are the best. Others, described as 'In-House' are recorded in the theatre, usually in or near the audience. The quality of these varies but are usually OK. If you really want a recording it is worth trying as the discs are so cheap. Hope this helps, Nick

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