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hitormiss wrote on July 24, 2010

Welcome to the new forum!

This replaces the old "comments" feature, which only worked for recordings. Now you can post comments about Recordings, Shows, People, and Songs or post "General" comments.

You are encouraged to include database links to the recordings, shows, people, or songs that you reference in your comments using BBCode. Using BBCode will help others to find references to items on the Forum from their database pages.

camellia wrote on November 10, 2010

Cool, didn’t know there was even a musical about Memphis.

ONEMONKEYSHOW wrote on March 3, 2011

Hello I am new here smile

maddermusic wrote on April 16, 2011

Hello! I tried to enter information about the Original Cast recording of my work "Madder Music & Stronger Wine," but was interrupted before adding all the necessary information. Now my entry is marked for deletion. Can I resubmit the information?

rain91345 wrote on April 21, 2011

Hi,rnrnI just joined your site; however, I cannot figure out what to do.rnrnI would like to get some of the "Dreamgirls" songs, but after I added them to "my collection", I see no place to either download or find links to download. I'm sorry, but I simply don't know what to do.rnrnI appreciate any help.

EvaR wrote on May 31, 2011

I have some collectible original cast albums from the fifties and sixties that I would like to sell. Is there a means for doing this on this site?

deb wrote on June 15, 2011

i have "THE RED MILL" RCA45 featuring ALL GOODMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA I KNOW ONE OF THE USERS HERE HAVE IN ON THIER "WISHLIST". if they would like to contact me, they may do so on here on @ [email protected]. also i have the first 2 beatles albums, unopened! if anyone is interested please contact me at the above email addy. thx and have a great day! also have some old, 1938 benny goodman if anyones interested.

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