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hitormiss wrote on December 30, 2011

All the forum posts have been moved into a new forum system (which is also giving a preview of the new look for the website). And very soon folks will have the ability to more easily insert links to recordings, shows, songs, and people in the database through pop-up link generators.

nolaguy wrote on October 22, 2019

Can't find a way to contact or post to the forum regarding website functionality so hoping this reaches the correct person. I really like the advanced search option on the recordings page and was wondering if this could be mimicked on the shows page. I am trying to browse a list of English language musicals only.

rdimucci wrote on August 3, 2022

Is this website being actively moderated anymore? There are releases that I added to the database 8 years ago that are still awaiting "review by the administrators".

MusicalesPeru wrote on August 3, 2022

Same here and I was wondering the same

fshepinc wrote on August 25, 2022

I have always assume this site was a labor of love -I don't see nearly enough advertising to fully pay for itself. With that premise, I won't complain if it takes a long time for updates to get posted -especially since new releases are posted all the time.

This site is an absolute godsend for some of us. I hope the owner would let us know if it's ever in danger of folding so that we could support it.

Archivist wrote on August 2, 2023

It is indeed a labor of love by its founder. There are a few of us who have been empowered to make basic edits to data and I am trying to clear the backlog. I'm working on a plan for supporting the site and ensuring it's longevity. I'm also working on a list of notes and wishes and bugs, so send me your ideas.

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