Database Editing History

Type Database Entry Changed Fields Submitted By Applied By Date
show Zeppelin (2) Premiere Date DanG1991 2021-11-27
show Six Premiere Date, Notes dlh 2021-11-26
show Encanto (14) Notes equisy 2021-11-25
show Superbia Notes DanG1991 2021-11-22
show Encanto (14) Show num recordings, Music equisy 2021-11-19
show When Calls the Heart (2) Book DanG1991 2021-11-15
show When Calls the Heart (2) Also Known As, Premiere Date DanG1991 2021-11-15
show Lizard Boy (3) Show type, Plot dlh 2021-11-14
show Cyrano Source equisy 2021-11-13
show Hex Premiere Date, Source, Book equisy 2021-11-12
show Treason (3) Show num recordings, Source equisy 2021-11-06
show Robin Hood Premiere Date, Music, Lyrics DanG1991 2021-11-03
show Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium Source equisy 2021-10-31
show Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium Title, Premiere Date, Source equisy 2021-10-31
show Lanza: the Last Serenade Show type, Music, Lyrics, Book dlh 2021-10-29
show Diana (2) Premiere Date equisy 2021-10-28
show Mozes Title equisy 2021-10-28
show Sneeuwwitje Title, Also Known As equisy 2021-10-28
show Never a Dull Moment Premiere Date Rodolfo 2021-10-24
show Scooby-Doo! and the Lost City of Gold Title hitormiss 2021-10-17
show Circe Show num recordings, Source equisy 2021-10-12
show Rebel Show type, Lyrics, Book Archivist 2021-10-10
show Balada Pro Banditu (3) Music Archivist 2021-10-10
show Spijt (2) Title equisy 2021-09-30
show We Have Something to Say Title, Show type, Notes equisy 2021-09-29
show Cry-Baby (2) Show type, Music, Lyrics Rodolfo 2021-09-18
show Cry-Baby (2) Show type, Source, Notes Rodolfo 2021-09-18
show Give a Dog a Bone (2) Title, Show type equisy 2021-09-16
show All the Fun of the Fair (3) Title, Premiere Date, Notes equisy 2021-09-16
show College Humor Premiere Date, Music, Lyrics Rodolfo 2021-09-13
show The Little Colonel Show type, Book Rodolfo 2021-09-12
show Curly Top Show type, Book Rodolfo 2021-09-12
show On the Avenue (2) Book Rodolfo 2021-09-12
show On the Avenue (2) Book Rodolfo 2021-09-11
show On the Avenue (2) Premiere Date, Show type, Book Rodolfo 2021-09-11
show Белая ворона (2) Show type Archivist 2021-09-11
show 明智小五郎の事件簿―黒蜥蜴(トカゲ) / TUXEDO JAZZ Title, Also Known As paintneverdries hitormiss 2021-09-11
show Come from Away (3) Title, Source equisy 2021-09-11
show The Life (3) Book Rodolfo 2021-09-10
show Pin Up Girl (2) Title Rodolfo 2021-09-06
show Montana Moon Notes Rodolfo 2021-09-05
show Tom Sawyer Premiere Date, Music, Lyrics equisy 2021-09-04
show FernGully: The Last Rainforest Title, Premiere Date equisy 2021-09-03
show Terracotta Warriors Title, Also Known As, Show type, Notes equisy 2021-09-02
show One Title, Also Known As equisy 2021-08-29
show tien is te veel?... Music, Book Svip Rodolfo 2021-08-28
show Burning Man Plot equisy 2021-08-28
show Burning Man Premiere Date, Plot equisy 2021-08-28
show Tapes: A Song Cycle (13 Reasons Why Musical Experience) Title, Source equisy 2021-08-22
show Stuffed Premiere Date equisy 2021-08-21