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Month Archive:  March 2016

REVIEW: Mrs. Henderson Presents & Bend It Like Beckham - Original London Cast recordings

Recording Cover

Amid the ongoing onslaught of musicals based on recent-ish films, Bend It Like Beckham stands out, if only because you could be forgiven for wondering how well any film about football could be adapted for the musical stage. Mrs. Henderson Presents, on the other hand, would seem like a sure bet as a stage musical: it mostly takes place in a theatre, it’s full of chorus girls, and there are two larger-than-life, somewhat eccentric star roles at the centre of the plot. The musical version of Bend It Like Beckham just closed in the West End, while Mrs. Henderson Presents just opened, and listening to their respective cast recordings back-to-back is an interesting experience. In the theatre, even the surest bets aren’t always as surefire as they seem.

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