Exclusive charity release of UK's THE LAST SESSION

Recording CoverJohn Yap of Jay Records has provided an exclusive highlights release of the 2012 UK Cast recording of THE LAST SESSION to a UK charity. The CD-R, which includes a full-color booklet, will be released Dec 2 and can be ordered here.

All profits from the sale of this CD-R will go to The Make A Difference Trust, which brings together the British Entertainment community and its audiences to raise funds to support people living with HIV and AIDS, and those in the entertainment industry facing hardship as a result of a long-term medical condition.

A commercial release of the full recording is expected sometime in 2014.

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Recollector wrote on November 27, 2013

While this is a most worthy cause and John Yap it to be commended for his efforts on its behalf, you must watch the transaction closely. I ordered it and fully expected to pay reasonable shipping and handling, but these amounts were not specified when I paid via PayPal. Only when my email confirming that the order was received did I find that I had been billed 14.25 GBP for shipping plus the 7.99 GBP for the CDR for a total of 22.24 GBP or about $38 US. The transaction was reversed following my complaint--I should have been billed only 7.75 GBP for shipping and handling--which is still extremely high.

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