Upcoming remix of the Original Cast Recording of FOLLIES

Recording CoverAfter remixing the original 8-track session tapes for a limited edition re-release of Promises, Promises for his label Kritzerland (which sounds fantastic), producer Bruce Kimmel is turning his attention to the original cast recording of Follies. Bruce recently posted the following to Facebook:

"Holy moley on rye - I just heard Prologue/Beautiful Girls in our new mix - I am in HEAVEN - the detail and clarity are UNBELIEVABLE - things I've never heard before. And so, we're doing it!"

"It's not a remastering - it's a brand new mix off the original eight-track session masters. The sound is incredible and we're just hearing parts of the orchestration that were so buried in the original mix, so that's fun, plus in the original mix, the band just was excruciatingly loud at certain points - just for no reason, and we're smoothing all that out so that it all sounds of a piece and clear as a bell. When I compared the same track to the original mix on CD, that old CD sounds like a second generation cassette. I'm sure some will find the effort not worth it or there will be purists who will prefer what they did hastily in one day back then, but I could not be happier right now."

"I try not to be prone to hyperbole, but I just was amazed when I heard the opening. The original eight-track session masters were originally mixed to two-track in a day. And it sounded like it. Funnily, in listening to the old CD, it almost sounds like there's tape drag or bauble occasionally, none of which you hear in this new mix, of course. Also, they panned the vocals so weirdly in that original mix - so people would sing long solos panned hard left or right - which is just so wacky."

July 12 Update: The release has officially been announced!

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hitormiss wrote on July 12, 2012

Now available for pre-order at Kritzerland! Ships by late August. http://www.kritzerland.com/follies.htm

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