Community Rules

The Wiki is currently in development and many pages are incomplete.

The following rules apply everywhere on, including the forums and comments.

  1. Treat other users with respect

    We want this to be a place where any person can feel welcome to contribute. We expect members to be welcoming to other members, and to respect the views and opinions of all members, even when disagreeing.

  2. Don't post racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise tactless/insensitive comments

    Such language is disallowed in any context, even among friends. If you have any doubts about whether something might be offensive, then don't post it.

  3. Treat the purpose of the site with respect

    Do not engage in behavior which disrupts the usefulness of the site, or disrupts the flow of interesting discussion.

  4. Anti-Piracy Policy

    This website does not approve of the selling and/or trading of illegal copies and illegal bootlegs of commercially available cast recordings & soundtracks. We reserve the right to delete any message or notation that, in our opinion, violates these rules. We reserve the right to suspend or delete the accounts of users who violate these rules.

  5. Don't spam, or engage in behavior that ruins discussions

    Don't post for the sake of posting. If you don't have anything to contribute to a thread, then don't post. If the topic being discussed doesn't personally interest you, then don't participate in the discussion.

    Self-promotion should be limited to threads designed for such a purpose, and only from members who are active and participate on a regular basis.

  6. Don't encourage others' rule-breaking behavior

    Encouraging others' rule-breaking behavior is not allowed.

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