You're the One That I Want

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Grease (160)  
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John Farrar
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John Farrar
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written for film
Title Variations
Det Är Dej Jag Vill Ha; Te Escogi Para Mi; Tú serás para mí; Vas a ser mi amor; You're The One I That I Want; You're the One I Want; Youre The One That I Want


Det Är Dej Jag Vill Ha - 1978 Hans Edler & Kisa Magnusson
Sound Clips Grease - 1978 Film Soundtrack
Grease - 1978 Punto Quatro
Great Hits from Grease, Great Hits from the Wiz - 1978 Studio Cast
Music From The Movie Grease - 1978 The Cruisers
Grease - 1993 Hungarian Cast
Sound Clips Grease - 1993 London Cast
Sound Clips Songs from Grease - 1993 London Studio Cast
Sound Clips Grease - 1994 London Studio Cast
Grease - 1994 Vienna Cast
Grease - 1995 Original Düsseldorf Cast
Sound Clips Grease - 1995 London Theatre Orchestra & Cast
Sound Clips Grease - 1997 Swedish Cast
Sound Clips The Music Of Grease - 1997 The Broadway Theatre Players
Grease - 1998 Various Artists
Sound Clips Grease & Saturday Night Fever - 1999 Karaoke
One Woman's Live Journey - 2000 Olivia Newton-John
Grease - 2001 Argentinian Cast
Grease, Rocky Horror & Saturday Night Fever - 2001 Karaoke
Greasemania - 2003 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Grease - 2006 Barcelona Cast
Sound Clips Grease: Musical Highlights from the Hit Movie and Stage Play - 2006 Musical Stage Company
Sound Clips Grease - 2007 Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Over the Rainbow: Showtunes in Aid of the Association of Children's Hospices - 2007 Various Artists
TV Showdown: Grease Versus Joseph - 2007 Various Artists
Sound Clips Grease - 2008 Madrid Cast
Sound Clips Party Musical: Tribute to Grease - 2008 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Yoga to Grease - 2009 Yoga Pop Ups
Sound Clips Drew's Famous # 1 Karaoke Hits: Tribute To The Songs Of Grease & Grease 2 - 2011 The Karaoke Crew
Grease - 2011 Barcelona Cast
Sound Clips Glee: The Music. Presents Glease - 2012 TV Cast
Sound Clips Grease Live! - 2016 TV Cast
Drama Club - 2019 Brittain Ashford
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You're the One That I Want
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