The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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Music for this song
Solomon Linda, Pete Seeger
Lyrics for this song
Luigi Creatore, Solomon Linda, Hugo Peretti, George Weiss
1939 Zulu song by Solomon Linda, later adapted by The Weavers in 1950.
Title Variations
Der Löwe schläft heut nacht; Dormido está el león; El león rey duerme ya; Il leone si è addormentato; Le lion s'endort ce soir; Mbube


Sound Clips Rhythm of the Pride Lands - 1995 Various Artists
Sound Clips The Lion King - 1997 Original Broadway Cast
Der König der Löwen - 2019 German Soundtrack
The Lion King - 2019 Film Soundtrack
Il re leone - 2019 Italian Soundtrack
El rey león - 2019 Spanish Soundtrack
El rey león - 2019 Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
Le roi lion - 2019 French Soundtrack
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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