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Hamilton (5)  
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Cut Song
An earlier version of The World Was Wide Enough featuring a "rewind" similar to that from Satisfied, which serves to show what both Burr and Hamilton were thinking in the countdown to the duel, instead of Hamilton's soliloquy taking place as Burr's bullet is traveling.

This song is one of the last changes made to Hamilton, according to the Lin-Manuel's interview in the New Yorker: "The solution came to Miranda at almost the last moment, early in the morning on New Year's Day. He was lying in bed, with his infant son sleeping on his chest, and Nadal sleeping next to him. It was the quietest Miranda could remember his life being for a long time. Quiet, he thought. That was the one card he hadn't yet played in "Hamilton." What if he didn't write any music at all? He took his dog out for a walk, leaving his headphones at home this time, occasionally stopping to scribble in a notebook. He stayed up working until five the next morning, hearing Hamilton's final moments at last.


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