Simply Love

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The Prom (2)  
Matthew Sklar
Chad Beguelin
Added Later
Added for the 2020 film adaptation


The Prom - 2020 Film Soundtrack
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
Give Me the Simple Life (8) Let's Make Love (2)
1960 Van Heusen
This is the same song
A Simple Life Now is the Time for All Good Men
1967 Ford
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The Simple Life A Dangerous Maid
1921 Gershwin
This is the same song
Simply Love The Gay 90s
1994 Holly Near
This is the same song
Wasn't It a Simply Lovely Wedding? First Impressions (3)
1959 Paxton
This is the same song

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