Proud of Your Boy

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Aladdin (53)  
Alan Menken
Lyrics for this song
Howard Ashman
Added Later
Title Variations
Off You Go; 自慢の息子


Sound Clips Reflections From Broadway - 2000 John Barrowman
Sound Clips Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular - 2003 California Cast
Sound Clips Aladdin - 2014 Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Right Where I Belong: Songs of Alan Menken - 2015 Adam Jacobs
アラジン - 2015 Original Tokyo Cast
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
Proud of Your Boy (Reprise) (2) Aladdin (53)
1992 Alan Menken
This is the same song

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