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Copacabana (8)  
Barry Manilow
Jack Feldman, Bruce Sussman
Title Variations
Copacabana (At the Copa); Copacabana (At The Copa) 2005 Dance Mix; Copacabana [Opening Sequence


Copacabana - 1985 Television Cast
The Madwoman Of Central Park West - 1989 Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Copacabana - 1994 Original London Cast
Copacabana - 2003 Scandinavian Cast
Sound Clips Scores: Songs From Copacabana and Harmony - 2004 Barry Manilow
Sound Clips John Barrowman - 2009 John Barrowman
Sound Clips Glee: The Music. Season 4, Vol. 1 - 2012 TV Cast
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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Copacabana (Finale) (2) Copacabana (8)
1985 Manilow
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