A Change in Me

Song Details

Beauty and the Beast (68)  
Music for this song
Alan Menken
Lyrics for this song
Tim Rice
Added Later
Added to the Broadway production in 2008 for Toni Braxton and retained thereafter.
Title Variations
Un cambio en mí


Sound Clips So Far... - 2002 Susan Egan
Beauty and the Beast - 2005 Original Manila Cast
Sound Clips On the Record - 2005 Original Cast
La bella y la bestia - 2008 Madrid Cast
Sound Clips A Change in Me - 2008 Caleigh Link
La bella y la bestia - 2009 Barcelona Cast
Gran Gala Stage Entertainment 15 Aniversario - 2014 Concert Cast
Musicales on the Rocks 2 - 2017 Marisol Otero
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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