Where's Charley?

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Frank Loesser (380)
Frank Loesser (380)
George Abbott [1] (42)
October 11, 1948


Audio Recordings

Where's Charley? - 1948 Original Broadway Cast
Charley's Aunt - 1952 Film Soundtrack
Where's Charley? - 1958 Original London Cast
Where's Charley? - 1966 Toorak Teachers' College Cast
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Homer and Jethro Fracture Frank Loesser - 1953 Homer and Jethro My Darling, My Darling, Once in Love with Amy
The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser - 1957 The Four Lads My Darling, My Darling, The New Ashmolean Marching Society and Students Conservatory Band, Once in Love with Amy, Pernambuco, Where's Charley?
Marriage Type Love - 1959 Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy My Darling, My Darling
Something's Coming! - 1967 Tony Tanner Once in Love with Amy
Capitol Sings Frank Loesser: I Hear Music - 1995 Compilation My Darling, My Darling, Once in Love with Amy
Lost in Boston III - 1995 Studio Cast The Bee, Your Own College Band
Judi Connelli: Live in London - 1998 Judi Connelli Once in Love with Amy
Loesser Genius - 2003 Cleo Laine My Darling, My Darling
Broadway Show Stoppers - The Playmates Once in Love with Amy
They Stopped The Show - Compilation Once in Love with Amy


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