Thoroughly Modern Millie

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Jeanine Tesori (29)
Dick Scanlan (11)
Richard Morris (9), Dick Scanlan (11)
Additional Music
Arthur Sullivan (99)
April 18, 2002


Audio Recordings

Thoroughly Modern Millie - 2002 Original Broadway Cast

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Thoroughly Modern Millie - 1999 Workshop Cast
Thoroughly Modern Millie - 2001 Promo Recording
Thoroughly Modern Millie - 2001 Demo
Thoroughly Modern Millie - 2003 Broadway Orchestral Tracks
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An Evening With Sutton Foster: Live At The Cafe Carlyle - 2011 Sutton Foster Not for the Life of Me
Take Me to the World - 2018 Sutton Foster Gimmee Gimmee


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