The Pink Files

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Sean Peter (2)
Sean Peter (2)
Ian Purcell
"Staged in October 2001 as a major community theatre event at Adelaide's Feast Festival, THE PINK FILES is a new musical that tells the stories of Adelaide men and women who dared to live the gay life through decades of social, cultural and legal oppression. With music and lyrics by Sean Peter and book by Ian Purcell, the script was developed from oral histories recorded in the 70s and the show charts the progress of gay culture from the heady war years of the early 40s, through the repressive regime of the 50s to the celebration of gay law reform in the 70s. The show was directed by Geoff Crowhurst and musically directed by Timothy Sexton. It's a vibrant mix of drama, comedy, love, sex, murder, politics, life in prison, revolution, war and teenage rebellion. The Standard Messenger said, "The Pink Files achieves everything a musical should set out to do -- draw strong, sympathetic characters, tell a good yarn, and entertain through a set of great songs."
October 2001


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The Pink Files - 2002 Australian Cast
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