The Body Beautiful

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Jerry Bock (224)
Sheldon Harnick (226)
Will Glickman (5), Joseph Stein (17)
January 23, 1958


Audio Recordings

The Body Beautiful - 1958 Original Broadway Cast
The Body Beautiful - 1958 Composer's Demo
The Body Beautiful - 2008 Concert Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (10)

Recording Songs
Annabel Lee / All of These and More - 1957 Frankie Laine All of These and More
Just My Luck / Hidden in My Heart - 1957 Mindy Carson Hidden in My Heart, Just My Luck
Bop Boy / Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah - 1958 Bill Hayes Uh-huh, Oh Yeah!
Most Happy Hammond - 1958 Jackie Davis Just My Luck
Swingin' on Broadway - 1958 Jonah Jones Quartet Just My Luck
Uh-huh, Oh Yeah / Give It All You've Got - 1958 Jill Corey Uh-huh, Oh Yeah!
Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah / Lover in the House - 1958 Steve Lawrence Uh-huh, Oh Yeah!
Ron Husmann - 1962 Ron Husmann Just My Luck
Two On The Aisle - 1962 Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Just My Luck
18 Interesting Songs from Unfortunate Shows - 1977 Bobby Van, Susan Watson, Betty Garrett All of These and More, Summer Is


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