Side Show

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Henry Krieger (37)
Bill Russell (16)
Bill Russell (16)
October 16, 1997


Audio Recordings

Side Show - 1997 Original Broadway Cast
Side Show - 2014 Broadway Cast
Side Show - Added Attractions: Live at 54 BELOW - 2015 Concert Cast

Video Recordings

サイド・ショウ - 2011 Japanese Cast Highlights

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Side Show - 1995 Demo
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Songs also appear on these recordings (9)

Recording Songs
Duets - 1998 Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley I Will Never Leave You, Ready to Play, Stuck with You
What I Did for Love - 1998 Caroline O'Connor Who Will Love Me As I Am?
Unsuspecting Hearts - 1999 Emily Skinner & Alice Ripley She's Gone
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - 1999 Phillip Officer You Should Be Loved
United - 2005 The Governors Like Everyone Else, We Share Everything
Raw at Town Hall - 2006 Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner I Will Never Leave You, She's Gone, Who Will Love Me As I Am?
Broadway Unplugged 4 - 2007 Concert Cast Who Will Love Me As I Am?
Make Believe - 2008 Robyn North Who Will Love Me As I Am?
Unusual Way - 2010 Glory Crampton Who Will Love Me As I Am?


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