Myths and Hymns

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Adam Guettel (38)
Adam Guettel (38)
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Myths and Hymns - 1998 Studio Cast

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Myths and Hymns - 2021 MasterVoices Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (12)

Recording Songs
Way Back to Paradise - 1997 Audra McDonald Come To Jesus
Stars and the Moon: Live at the Donmar - 2000 Betty Buckley Migratory V
Lighthouse - 2002 Jack Donahue Hero And Leander
Build A Bridge - 2006 Audra McDonald Build a Bridge
What It's All About - 2006 Daphne Shawn Awaiting You
Fifteen Seconds of Grace - 2007 Victoria Clark Life Is But a Dream
Free Again - 2007 Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program Awaiting You
Center Stage: Songs of Spirit from the Musical Theatre - 2008 James Wright Awaiting You
In Performance: Audra McDonald - 2013 Audra McDonald Migratory V
The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 BELOW - 2013 Aaron Tveit Hero And Leander
Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel - 2015 Judy Kuhn Hero And Leander, Migratory V
Altitude - 2016 Jose Llana Hero And Leander, Icarus, Saturn Returns


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