Peter Pan

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Leonard Bernstein (468)
Leonard Bernstein (468)
James M. Barrie (4)
April 24, 1950


Audio Recordings

Peter Pan - 1950 Original Broadway Cast
Peter Pan - 1950 Story Album
Peter Pan - 2005 Studio Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (11)

Recording Songs
Larry Kert Sings Leonard Bernstein - 1960 Larry Kert Build My House
Evelyn Lear Sings Bernstein and Sondheim - 1981 Evelyn Lear Build My House, Who Am I?
Leonard Bernstein Revisited - 1982 Various Artists Dream with Me
An Awfully Big Adventure: The Best Of Peter Pan (1904-1996) - 1996 Studio Cast Peter, Peter
An Evening At Carnegie Hall - 1996 Betty Buckley Build My House
A Simple Song: Blackwell Sings Bernstein - 1996 Harolyn Blackwell Build My House, Dream with Me, Peter, Peter, Who Am I?
Only Love - 2000 Sumi Jo Dream with Me
Broadway Inspirations - 2002 Compilation Dream with Me
The Give Moment - 2006 Marcus Lovett Build My House
Dream With Me - 2011 Jackie Evancho Dream with Me
Dream with Me - 2018 Ben Lohrberg Dream with Me


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