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Stephen Sondheim (661)
Stephen Sondheim (661)
James Lapine (26)
May 9, 1994


Audio Recordings

Passion - 1994 Original Broadway Cast
Passion... in Jazz - 1994 Trotter Trio
Passion - 1997 London Concert Cast
Passion - 2004 Dutch Cast
Passion - 2012 Dresden Cast
Passion - 2013 Off-Broadway Cast

Video Recordings

Passion - 1995 Broadway Cast
In Performance: Judy Kuhn - 2013 Judy Kuhn

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Passion - 1992 Backer's Demo
Passion - 2002 Kennedy Center Cast
Passion - 2010 London Cast

Noncommercial Video Recordings

Passion - 2004 Original Dutch Cast
Passion - 2005 Concert Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (30)

Recording Songs
Take Me to the World: Songs by Sondheim - 1994 Marc Heller Loving You
Color and Light: Jazz Sketches on Sondheim - 1995 Studio Cast Loving You
Oscar & Steve - 1995 Mandy Patinkin I Wish I Could Forget You, Loving You
The Musicals - 1996 Michael Ball Loving You
Sondheim, Etc. - 1996 Bernadette Peters Happiness
Sondheim: A Celebration - 1996 S.T.A.G.E. Concert Loving You
Stage 1: How I Love You - 1996 Compilation Album Loving You
Stage 2: The Human Heart - 1997 Studio Cast I Wish I Could Forget You
In Concert : Live From Royal Festival Hall London - 1998 Bernadette Peters Happiness
Take Me To The World - 1998 Susannah Mars Loving You
Found Treasures - 1999 Brian De Lorenzo No One Has Ever Loved Me
Mathis on Broadway - 2000 Johnny Mathis Loving You
Moving On - 2000 Original London Cast I Wish I Could Forget You, Loving You
Barbara Cook Sings Mostly Sondheim - 2001 Barbara Cook Happiness, Loving You
Simply Sondheim - 2001 Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles Loving You
Geraldine Turner Sings The Stephen Sondheim Songbook, Vol. 2 - 2002 Geraldine Turner Loving You
Mostly Sondheim - 2002 Barbara Cook Happiness, Loving You
Shameless - 2005 Brad Hampton Loving You
Simply Sondheim: A 75th Birthday Salute - 2005 Concert Cast Happiness
Like It Was - 2006 Karen Akers Loving You
No One Is Alone - 2006 Barbara Cook I Wish I Could Forget You
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder - 2008 Barbara Cook I Wish I Could Forget You
Sondheim on Sondheim - 2010 Original Broadway Cast Happiness, I Read, Is This What You Call Love?, Loving You
All Through the Night - 2011 George Dvorsky I Wish I Could Forget You
All This Happiness - 2013 Judy Kuhn Happiness
Once In My Life - 2015 Annette Yeo Loving You
Stranger in a Dream - 2015 Stacy Sullivan Loving You
Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway - 2016 Barbra Streisand Loving You
Something's Coming: Un tribut a Sondheim - 2016 Joan Vázquez Loving You
Sondheim Sublime - 2018 Melissa Errico Loving You


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