Panama Hattie

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Cole Porter (912)
Cole Porter (912)
B.G. DeSylva (203)
Additional Music
Walter Donaldson (114), Roger Edens (99), Burton Lane (250), Phil Moore (15)
Additional Lyrics
Roger Edens (99), Jeni Le Gon, E.Y. Harburg (368), Alfred Ligon
October 30, 1940


Audio Recordings

Panama Hattie - 1940 Studio Cast
Panama Hattie - 1942 Film Soundtrack
Panama Hattie - 1954 Television Cast
Panama Hattie - 2002 Stage Cast

Video Recordings

Panama Hattie - 1942 Film

Noncommercial Video Recordings

Panama Hattie - 1954 TV Cast
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Sothern Exposure - 1958 Ann Sothern Let's Be Buddies
The Decline And Fall Of The Entire World As Seen Through The Eyes Of Cole Porter - 1965 Original Off-Broadway Cast I'm Throwing a Ball Tonight, I've Still Got My Health, Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please, My Mother Would Love You
Rare! Hot! & Cole Porter - 1965 Sheila M. Sanders Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please
Beaches - 1988 Bette Midler I've Still Got My Health
Keep Your Undershirt On - 1989 Various Artists They Ain't Done Right by Our Nell
Cole Porter Centennial Gala - 1991 Concert Cast Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please
High Society - 1998 Broadway Cast I'm Throwing a Ball Tonight
The Broadway Musicals of 1940 - 2002 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series All I've Got to Get Now Is My Man, Visit Panama
Everything the Traffic Will Allow - 2002 Klea Blackhurst I've Still Got My Health, Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please
Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter - 2009 Original Off-Broadway Cast Let's Be Buddies


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