Life Begins at 8:40

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Harold Arlen (565)
Ira Gershwin (705), E.Y. Harburg (365)
Alan Baxter (2), David Freedman (4), Frank Gabrielson (4), Ira Gershwin (705), H. I. Phillips (2), Henry Clapp Smith
Additional Lyrics
E.Y. Harburg (365)
August 27, 1934


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Life Begins at 8:40 - 2010 Studio Cast
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Diahann Carroll Sings Harold Arlen Songs - 1957 Diahann Carroll You're a Builder-Upper
Julie Andrews Sings - 1958 Julie Andrews You're a Builder-Upper
Julius Monk Presents Tammy Grimes - 1959 Tammy Grimes Let's Take a Walk Around the Block, Shoein' the Mare
Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Harold Arlen Songbook - 1960 Ella Fitzgerald Let's Take a Walk Around the Block
Sings A String of Harold Arlen - 1960 Tony Bennett Fun To Be Fooled
Ballads of Broadway - 1964 Johnny Mathis Fun To Be Fooled
Harold Arlen Revisited - 1970 Various Artists Quartet Erotica, Shoein' the Mare, Spring Fever, What Can You Say in a Love Song (That Hasn't Been Said Before)
E. Y. Harburg Revisited - 1980 Various Artists I'm Not Myself
Harold Arlen & Vernon Duke Revisited, Vol. 2 - 1991 Various Artists C'est la Vie, Life Begins (At Exactly 8, (All) The Elks and the Masons, Things, A Weekend Cruise (Will You Love Me Monday Mornings As You Did on Friday Night?)
Fancy Meeting You: The Lyrics of E. Y. "Yip" Harburg - 1995 Phillip Officer Let's Take a Walk Around the Block, You're a Builder-Upper
Sing My Heart: The Songs of Harold Arlen - 1995 KT Sullivan Fun To Be Fooled, Let's Take a Walk Around the Block
Come Rain or Come Shine: The Harold Arlen Songbook - 1996 Sylvia McNair Let's Take a Walk Around the Block
All I Ask Of You - 1998 Barbara Cook You're a Builder-Upper
Bea Arthur on Broadway - Just Between Friends - 2001 Original Broadway Cast Fun To Be Fooled
Make Believe - 2004 Jessica Molaskey You're a Builder-Upper
Within The Heart Of Me - 2009 Jeff Ide Fun To Be Fooled
One For My Baby - 2011 Demo Fun To Be Fooled


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