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  High Society

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Cole Porter (887)
Cole Porter (887)
John Patrick (4)
based on Philip Barry's play, The Philadelphia Story


Audio Recordings

High Society - 1956 Film Soundtrack
High Society - 1967 London Studio Cast
High Society - 1987 Original London Cast
High Society - 1994 London Studio Cast
High Society - 1996 Sheffield Cast
High Society - 1998 Broadway Cast
High Society - 2006 Studio Cast

Video Recordings

High Society - 1956 Film
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Recording Songs
The Columbia Album of Cole Porter - 1954 Michel Legrand And His Orchestra True Love
Speaking Of Love - 1958 Bobby Short I Love You Samantha
This Time I'm Swingin'! - 1961 Dean Martin True Love
Richard Chamberlain Sings - 1962 Richard Chamberlain True Love
My Cup Runneth Over - 1967 Ed Ames True Love
Blue Skies - 1985 Kiri Te Kanawa True Love
Stages Of Love - 1992 Dave Willetts I Love You Samantha
Anything Goes: Rebecca Luker Sings Cole Porter - 1996 Rebecca Luker True Love
Zing A Little Bing - 1999 Andrew Parks Now You Has Jazz
Everything the Traffic Will Allow - 2002 Klea Blackhurst Hey, Good Lookin'
Something About Always - 2009 Simon Burke True Love


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