Follow That Girl

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Julian Slade (30)
Dorothy Reynolds (16), Julian Slade (30)
Dorothy Reynolds (16), Julian Slade (30)
Additional Music
Julian Slade (30)
Additional Lyrics
Julian Slade (30)
March 17, 1960


Audio Recordings

Follow That Girl - 1960 Original London Cast
Follow That Girl - 1960 Julian Slade
Orchestral Selections from Follow That Girl - 1960 Michael Collins and His Orchestra
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Recording Songs
Follow That Girl / Come Away - 1959 Peter Gilmore Follow That Girl
Look Who's Here! - 1960 Original Cast Christmas Madigral
Somebody, Somewhere / Follow That Girl - 1960 Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra Follow That Girl
The Music Of Julian Slade - Various Artists Doh Ray Me, Let's Take a Stroll Through London, One, Two, Three, One


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