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An original musical from Hass and Swanton.
Contact High, an original new musical from Kyle Reid Hass and Jeremy Swanton, tells the story of an unlikely friendship that forms between a recovering heroin addict and a misunderstood teen genius with a severe phobia of physical human contact. When Jean Simon, a high school senior and dealer living in the suburbs of Chicago, and her boyfriend Benjamin Crane decide to break their ties with a powerful drug cartel, Jean is approached by Haley Walter Keys, a social outcast with hopes of securing a job working for Jean's boss, the infamous crime lord Landon Casey. Jean learns of Haley's severe haphephobia, a psychological disorder that prevents him from being able to endure physical contact of any kind with other human beings. As a friendship between Haley and Jean takes shape, their peer, Karen O'Mallon, searches for answers after her friend and classmate, Tommy Wheeler, disappears. In her search, Karen crosses paths with Haley, Jean, and Benjamin. This show is a tribute to the teen angst musicals that got Kyle and Jeremy through high school, and a testament to the resilience and strength one can find in the hope of a better tomorrow. Give the new Studio Cast Recording a listen February 2019!
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[p145545 Kyle Reid Hass and[p145547 Jeremy Swanton]
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[p145545 Kyle Reid Hass and[p145547 Jeremy Swanton]
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