A... My Name Is Alice

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Julianne Boyd (7) -- Concept, David Crane (7), Carol Hall (26), Marta Kauffman (7), Anne Meara (4), Cassandra Medley, Art Murray, Joan Micklin Silver (3) -- Concept
Additional Music
Calvin Alexander, David Evans [1] (12), Carol Hall (26), Cheryl Hardwick (2), Doug Katsaros (22), Stephen Lawrence (18), Amanda McBroom (41), David Mettee (2), Glen Roven (7), James Shorter, Lucy Simon (24), Michael Skloff (9), Don Tucker (2)
Additional Lyrics
Calvin Alexander, Susan Birkenhead (17), Maggie Bloomfield, David Crane (7), Carol Hall (26), Georgia Holof (2), Winnie Holzman (4), Marta Kauffman (7), Amanda McBroom (41), Mark Saltzman (7), James Shorter, June Siegel (3), Steve Tesich (3), Don Tucker (2), David Zippel (43)
November 2, 1983


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A... My Name Will Always Be Alice - 1996 Barrington Stage Company All Girl Band, A...My Name Is Alice Poems, At My Age, The French Song, Friends, Honeypot, I'm Bluer Than You, The Portrait, Trash, Watching All the Pretty Young Men, Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson
I Never Do Anything Twice - 1998 Morag McLaren The Portrait


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