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Stage Door
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STAGE 9061
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Includes Verdon's solo album "The Girl I Left Home For", plus selections from the cast albums of "Damn Yankees", "New Girl in Town" and "Redhead".
1. Ain't Misbehavin' (from 'Hot Chocolates')
2. Sand In My Shoes (from the film 'Kiss The Boys Goodbye')
3. Hot Night In Alaska (from the film 'Meet Me After The Show')
4. Mister And Missus Fitch (from 'Gay Divorce'
5. Bettin' On A Man (from the film 'Meet Me After The Show')
6. Why Can't I? (from 'Spring Is Here')
7. I've Got The World On A String (from 'Cotton Club Parade Of 1932')
8. The Saga Of Jenny (from 'Lady In The Dark')
9. Find Me a Primitive Man (from 'Fifty Million Frenchmen')
10. No Talent Joe (from the film 'Meet Me After The Show')
11. The Lady Is A Tramp (from 'Babes In Arms')
12. Daddy (from the film 'Gentlemen Marry Brunettes')
13. Whatever Lola Wants (from 'Damn Yankees')
14. A Little Brains, A Little Talent (from 'Damn Yankees')
15. On The Farm (from 'New Girl In Town')
16. It's Good To Be Alive (from 'New Girl In Town')
17. If That Was Love (from 'New Girl In Town')
18. Merely Marvelous (from 'Redhead')
19. Erbie Fitch's Twitch (from 'Redhead')
20. Look Who's In Love (from 'Redhead') - Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley
21. I'll Try (from 'Redhead') - Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley
22. Who's Got The Pain (from 'Damn Yankees') - Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse
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8760 40615
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