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1. Just a Jew
2. I Want to Be Delivered
3. Hello, Mary
4. I Don't Know That She Wants What I Want
5. Eggplant Casserole
6. Joseph's Never Gonna Believe Me
7. Magnificat
8. Hello, Joseph
9. Herod's Way
10. My Part of the Story
11. The Space Between
12. Birthing Checklist for Sheep And/Or Fathers
13. Magnificat (Reprise)
14. Sleepy Deepy, Poopy Sheepie
15. Why Does God Have to Look So Human
16. O, Great Light
17. Put a Little Faith in Me
18. Get Out of Herod's Way
19. No, Just Go
20. Just the Messenger
21. Whose Baby is He?
22. Walk Through the Sea on Dry Land
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