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Stage Door Records
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STAGE 9050
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Featuring bonus tracks including a pop single version of 'Running Back For More' by Sharon Lee Hill and cover recordings of 'The Least Of My Troubles' by Colm Wilkinson and 'Running Back For More' by Murray Head.
Disc 1
1. Monks' Introduction - Cantabilé
2. Blondel and Fiona - The Creative Process / How Long Can Someone Wait / I'm a Monarchist / Artists Are Tragic and Sensitive Souls - Paul Nicholas, Sharon Lee Hill, Blondettes
3. The Ministry of Feudal Affairs - Opening Ensemble / Fiona's Plea to John / Richard's Intervention / Economic Acrostic / Crusade Rally - Cantabilé, Sharon Lee Hill, David Burt, Stephen Tate, Company
4. The Least Of My Troubles - Paul Nicholas, Sharon Lee Hill
5. Lionheart - Cantabilé, Stephen Tate, David Burt, Paul Nicholas
6. No Rhyme for Richard - David Burt, Sharon Lee Hill
7. Trio - David Burt, Paul Nicholas, Sharon Lee Hill
8. Assassin's Song - David Burt, Chris Langham
9. Running Back for More - Cantabilé, Blondettes, Sharon Lee Hill
Disc 2
1. Blondel in Europe - Chris Langham, Paul Nicholas, Blondettes, Cantabilé, Sharon Lee Hill
2. Saladin Days / I Can't Wait to Be King - Cantabilé, Stephen Tate, David Burt
3. The Inn at Salzburg / Blondel's Search - Cantabilé, Chris Langham, Paul Nicholas, Sharon Lee Hill
4. The Duke of Austria's Quarters - Kevin Williams, Tracy Booth, Sharon Lee Hill
5. The Cell - Reunion / Death of a Statesman / Tribute to a Statesman - A Royal Pardon / The Wrong Train - Paul Nicholas, Stephen Tate, Kevin Williams, Sharon Lee Hill
6. Westminster Abbey - John's Coronation / Richard's Return - Cantabilé, David Burt, Stephen Tate
7. I'm a Monarchist (Reprise) - Paul Nicholas, Blondettes
8. Running Back for More (Reprise) - Paul Nicholas, Sharon Lee Hill
9. Running Back for More (Bonus Track - Single Version) - Sharon Lee Hill
10. The Least Of My Troubles (Bonus Track) - Colm Wilkinson
11. Running Back For More (Bonus Track) - Murray Head
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768 11224 36220
[p2286 Colm Wilkinson]
[p950 Murray Head]
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