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Four Classic Albums
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AMSC 1170
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Includes "Hot Cargo", "My Kinda Swing", "Moanin'"; and "Toast of the Nation's Critics".
Disc 1
1. Mad About The Boy (Hot Cargo)
2. Did I Remember? (Hot Cargo)
3. Day Dream (Hot Cargo)
4. Experiment (Hot Cargo)
5. That Old Feeling (Hot Cargo)
6. The Song Is Ended (Hot Cargo)
7. Love For Sale (Hot Cargo)
8. Autumn In New York (Hot Cargo)
9. My Man (Hot Cargo)
10. Ill Wind (Hot Cargo)
11. Little Girl Blue (Hot Cargo)
12. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Hot Cargo)
13. Runnin' Wild (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
14. Stardust (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
15. Heat Wave (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
16. My Ship (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
17. Azure-te (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
18. Welcome To The Club (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
19. There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
20. Social Call (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
21. There Will Never Be Another You (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
22. A Sleepin' Bee (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
23. Interlude (Toast Of The Nation's Critics)
Disc 2
1. My Kinda Love (My Kinda Swing)
2. Trouble Is A Man (My Kinda Swing)
3. See See Rider (My Kinda Swing)
4. Moonlight In Vermont (My Kinda Swing)
5. Land Of Dreams (My Kinda Swing)
6. Black Moonlight (My Kinda Swing)
7. All My Life (My Kinda Swing)
8. Mound Bayou (My Kinda Swing)
9. I'll Never Be The Same (My Kinda Swing)
10. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (My Kinda Swing)
11. Lazy Afternoon (My Kinda Swing)
12. They Don't Believe Me (My Kinda Swing)
13. My Melancholy Baby (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
14. Tomorrow Mountain (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
15. More Than You Know (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
16. The Gypsy Goofed (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
17. A Tree In A Meadow (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
18. Hooray For Love (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
19. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
20. Moanin' Low (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
21. Get Out And Get Under The Moon (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
22. I Got Lost In His Arms (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
23. (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have To Swing It (Moanin' Moanin' Moanin')
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29762 29763 29764 30166
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