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The Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid
Walt Disney Records
Release Date
1. Fathoms Below (Ship's Chorus)Disc 1:
1. [sn29747] -- Ensemble

2. Main Titles Score-- Orchestra
3. Fanfare Score-- Orchestra
4. Daughters of Triton (Daughters of Triton)[sn29748] -- Kimmy Robertson, Caroline Vasicek
5. Intro Ariel Score-- Orchestra
6. Intro Ursula Score-- Orchestra
7. Triton Reprimands Score-- Orchestra
8. Sebastian's Dilemma Score-- Orchestra
9. Part of Your World (Jodi Benson)[sn29749] -- Jodi Benson
10. Fireworks Score-- Orchestra
11. The Storm Score-- Orchestra
12. Part of Your World (Reprise) / Ursula[sn29751] -- Jodi Benson
Plots (Jodi Benson)-- Orchestra
13. Ariel in Love Score-- Orchestra
14. Under the Sea Performed (Samuel[sn29750] -- Samuel E. Wright)Wright, Ensemble
15. Sebastian and Triton Score-- Orchestra
16. Destroying the Grotto Score-- Orchestra
17. Flotsam and Jetsam Score-- Orchestra
18. Ursula's Lair Score-- Orchestra
19. Poor Unfortunate Souls (Pat Carroll)[sn29746] -- Pat Carroll
20. She's Got Legs Score-- Orchestra
21. Sebastian Relents Score-- Orchestra
22. On Land Score-- Orchestra
23. Miss Manners Score-- Orchestra
24. Les Poissons (René Auberjonois)[sn29752] -- René Auberjonois
25. Crab Onon a Plate / Bedtime Score
Bedtime -- Orchestra

26. Tour of the Kingdom Score-- Orchestra
27. Kiss the Girl (Samuel[sn29753] -- Samuel E. Wright)Wright
28. Ariel Left Behind Score-- Orchestra
29. Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise) (Pat Carroll)[sn37526] -- Jodi Benson
30. The Truth Score-- Orchestra
31. Interrupting the Wedding / Ursula's
Defeat Score-- Orchestra
32. Happy Ending (Disney Chorus)[sn29754] -- Ensemble
Disc 2:

1. [sn29747 Fathoms Below Work Tape (Howard Ashman and(Work Tape)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
2. [sn29748 Daughters of Triton Synth Demo (Howard Ashman and(Synth Demo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
3. [sn29749 Part of Your World Synth Demo (Howard Ashman and(Synth Demo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
4. Fireworks / The(BONUS)
Gigue Score Piano (Alan Menken)-- Alan Menken (BONUS)
5. The Storm Score Piano Demi (Alan Menken)-- Alan Menken (BONUS)
6. [sn29750 Under the Sea Synth Demo (Howard Ashman and(Synth Demo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
7. [sn29746 Poor Unfortunate Souls Basic(Basic Synth Demo (Howard Ashman andDemo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
8. [sn29746 Poor Unfortunate Souls Final(Final Synth Mockup (Howard Ashman andMockup)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
9. [sn29752 Les Poissons Work(Work Tape Demo (Howard Ashman andDemo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
10. [sn29752 Les Poissons Synth Demo (Howard Ashman and(Synth Demo)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
11. [sn29753 Kiss the Girl Synth(Synth Demo B (Howard Ashman andB)] -- Howard Ashman, Alan Menken)Menken (BONUS)
12. [sn29754 Happy Ending Score Piano Demo Performed by(Piano Demo)] -- Alan Menken (BONUS)
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4548 4911
[p1475 Alan Menken]
[p36492 Bruce Botnick]
Liner Notes
[p1475 Alan Menken]
[p28466 Chris Montan]
[p116130 David Watts]
[p38217 John Musker]
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