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Cassette 1[b]Cassette 1[/b]
1. Overture
2. Do I Hear a Waltz? [Do I Hear a Waltz?][from [i][s93][/i]]
3. If Momma Was Married [Gypsy][from [i][s140][/i]]
4. America [West Side Story][from [i][s386][/i]]
5. One More Kiss [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
6. Broadway Baby [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
7. You Could Drive a Person Crazy [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
8. Take Me to the World [Evening Primrose][from [i][s670][/i]]
9. I Remember [Evening Primrose][from [i][s670][/i]]
10. Silly People [A Little Night Music][cut from [i][s197][/i]]
11. Two Fairy Tales [Little Night Music][cut from [i][s197][/i]]
12. Love Is in the Air [A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum][cut from [i][s121][/i]]
13. Your Eyes Are Blue [A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum][cut from [i][s121][/i]]
14. Pleasant Little Kingdom [Follies][cut from [i][s116][/i]]
15. Too Many Mornings [Follies]
Cassette 2
[from [i][s116][/i]]
[b]Cassette 2[/b]

1. Entr'acte
2. Me and My Town [Anyone Can Whistle][from [i][s23][/i]]
3. The Little Things You Do Together [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
4. Getting Married Today [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
5. Buddy's Blues [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
6. So Many People [Saturday Night][from [i][s308][/i]]
7. Another Hundred People [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
8. Happily Ever After [Company][cut from [i][s82][/i]]
9. Being Alive [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
10. We're Gonna Be All Right [Do I Hear a Waltz?][from [i][s93][/i]]
11. Beautiful Girls [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
12. I'm Still Here [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
13. A Parade in Town [Anyone Can Whistle][from [i][s23][/i]]
14. Could I Leave You? [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
15. Losing My Mind [Follies][from [i][s116][/i]]
16. Anyone Can Whistle [Anyone Can Whistle][from [i][s23][/i]]
17. Side by Side by Side [Company][from [i][s82][/i]]
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[p41240 Craig Zadan]
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