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CD 1
Orpheus in the Underworld - Tracks 1 - 13
La Vie Parisienne - Tracks 14 - 22
CD 2
La Vie Parisienne - Tracks 1 - 9
La Belle Helene - Tracks 10 - 20
1. Overture
2. The Happy Bride Never Stumbles
3. You've Gone Too Far!
4. May I Make Myself Known?
5. My Death Appears Divinely Smiling
6. When Diana Leaves The Mountains
7. To Arms!
8. When Jupy Feels The Inclination
9. Here Comes Orpheus
10. When I Was King Of The Boeotians
11. I Thought That I Felt On My Should R
12. What Heavenly Joy Is Mine
13. Minuet And Galop
14. Overture
15. How Sad We've Made The Marchioness
16. Well Isn't That Just Life All Over
17. I'm The Guide For Every Tourist
18. I Am A Native Of Brazil
19. In This Enchanting Queen Of Cities
20. I Am A Dab At Carving Pork
21. We Have Seen Sights Since Eleven.. I'm A Colonel's Widow
22. Dinner Is Served
23. Oh, Little Cloud
24. When She Goes Out... Her Petticoat Go Frou, Frou, Frou
25. Does He Know He's Splitting Down T E Back
26. Nobody Would Call Me A Rover
27. I'll Have So Much To Say
28. It's Most Important You Should Sho
29. Here You See The Place
30. My Friends, I'm Most Delighted To Ee You
31. In Songs And Shouts... Paris Bloom Like A Flower
32. Introduction
33. To Bow To Jupiter We Gather At The Shrine
34. We've Had A Night Out
35. On Mount Ida Three Great Ladies (T E Judgement Of Paris)
36. March And Entry Of The Kings
37. Entr'acte
38. We All Begin By Truly Trying
39. It Is Her That Has Sent This Sweet Love Dream
40. Come Here, You Kings Of Greece
41. When All Of Greece Has Been Ravage
42. Do You See?
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