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American Musicals: Meredith Willson / Jerry Herman
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Box set containing 48-page booklet with show notes and lyrics.
Side 1:
1. Overture; Rock Island - Paul Reed, Salesmen
2. Iowa Stubborn - Ensemble
3. Ya Got Trouble - Robert Preston, Ensemble
4. Piano Lesson - Barbara Cook, Pert Kelton
5. Good Night My Someone - Barbara Cook
6. Seventy Six Trombones - Robert Preston, Ensemble
7. Sincere – The Buffalo Bills
8. Sadder-But-Wiser Girl - Robert Preston
9. Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little; Goodnight Ladies - Adnia Rice, Peggy Mondo, Elaine Swann, Robert Preston, Helen Raymond, Martha Flynn, The Buffalo Bills
Side 2:
1. Marian the Librarian – Robert Preston
2. My White Knight - Barbara Cook
3. The Wells Fargo Wagon - Eddie Hodges, Ensemble
4. It's You – The Buffalo Bills
5. Shipoopi - Iggie Wolfington, Ensemble
6. Lida Rose; Will I Ever Tell You? – Barbara Cook, The Buffalo Bills
7. Gary, Indiana - Eddie Hodges
8. Till There Was You - Barbara Cook, Robert Preston
9. Finale - Robert Preston, Barbara Cook, Ensemble

Side 1:
1. Overture
2. I Put My Hand In – Igors Gavon, Carol Channing, Chorus
3. It Takes A Woman – David Burns, Jerry Dodge, Charles Nelson Reilly, Men’s Chorus
4. Put On Your Sunday Clothes – Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Dodge, Carol Channing, Igors Gavon, Chorus
5. Ribbons Down My Back - Eileen Brennan
6. Motherhood – Carol Channing, Eileen Brennan, Sondra Lee
7. Dancing – Carol Channing, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Dodge, Eileen Brennan
Side 2:
1. Before The Parade Passes By – Carol Channing, Ensemble
2. Elegance - Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Dodge, Eileen Brennan, Sondra Lee
3. Hello, Dolly! – Carol Channing, Men’s Chorus
4. It Only Takes A Moment – Charles Nelson Reilly, Eileen Brennan, Chorus
5. So Long Dearie – Carol Channing, David Burns
6. Finale:
6a. Hello, Dolly! (Reprise) – David Burns, Carol Channing, Company
6b. Dancing (Reprise); It Only Takes a Moment (Reprise); Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Reprise); Hello, Dolly! (Reprise) – Carol Channing, Company

1. Overture
2. St. Bridget – Jane Connell, Frankie Michaels
3. It's Today – Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Chorus
4. Open a New Window – Angela Lansbury, Frankie Michaels, Chorus
5. The Man in the Moon - Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Moon Maidens
6. My Best Girl – Frankie Michaels, Angela Lansbury
7. We Need a Little Christmas – Angela Lansbury, Jane Connell, Sab Shimono, Frankie Michaels
Side 2:
1. Mame – Charles Braswell, Chorus
2. The Letter – Frankie Michaels, Jerry Lanning
3. Bosom Buddies - Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur
4. Gooch's Song – Jane Connell
5. That's How Young I Feel – Angela Lansbury, Chorus
6. If He Walked into My Life – Angela Lansbury
7. Finale:
7a. Open a New Window (Reprise) – Angela Lansbury, Company
7b. It’s Today (Reprise); We Need a Little Christmas (Reprise); Mame (Reprise) - Company
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94 2340 2895
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