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Submitted by: jose on 2007-06-21

Release Decca 000018502 (24-CD)

Submitted by: bretw on 2008-04-16

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Release Decca SKL 4624/5 (2-LP)

Submitted by: frankwm on 2009-03-06

Images contributed by: frankwm

Release Decca Import 473 665-2 (2-CD)

Submitted by: rhfan on 2011-02-08

Images contributed by: rhfan

Release Decca/Universal Music Group 433 868-2 (CD)

Submitted by: rhfan on 2016-08-03

Images contributed by: rhfan

Corrections contributed by: rhfan (2)

Release Polygram 417358 (2-CD)

Submitted by: jose on 2007-06-21

Images contributed by: hitormiss

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