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Audio / Stage Cast / (Compilation)
Jack Raymond (22)
Roger Beardsley (6)
Liner Notes
Dwight Blocker Bowers (21)
Robert Armbruster (14)
Audrey Christie [1] (6), Bing Crosby (445), Nelson Eddy (104), Judy Garland (478), Godwin, Ray Heatherton (5), Frances Langford (81), Ruby Newman (7), Donald Novis (15), Paul Whiteman Orchestra (17), Savoy Hotel Orpheans (8), Jack Whiting (27)


Pearl 114
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Also Contains
On Your Toes Medley - 1937 Carroll Gibbons Orchestra
There's a Small Hotel / On Your Toes - 1937 Jack Whiting
# Tracks
20 collectors / 6 wish lists
1. Mississippi: Soon - Bing Crosby
2. Mississippi: Down By The River - Bing Crosby
3. Mississippi: It's Easy To Remember - Bing Crosby
4. Jumbo: Little Girl Blue - Gloria Grafton
5. Jumbo: My Romance - Gloria Grafton/Donald Novis
6. On Your Toes: On Your Toes/The Heart Is Quicker Than The Eye - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
7. On Your Toes: On Your Toes - Jack Whiting
8. On Your Toes: Quiet Night (Vocal)/There's A Small Hotel/It's Got To Be Love (Vocal)/On Your Toes... - Jack Whiting
9. On Your Toes: Glad To Be Unhappy - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
10. On Your Toes: There's A Small Hotel - Jack Whiting
11. On Your Toes: There's A Small Hotel/It's Got To Be Love - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
12. Babes In Arms: Babes In Arms/I Wish I Were In Love Again - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
13. Babes In Arms: Johnny One Note - Wynn Murray
14. Babes In Arms: All At Once - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
15. Babes In Arms: Where Or When - Ray Heatherton
16. Babes In Arms: My Funny Valentine - Edgar Fairchild/Adam Carroll
17. Babes In Arms: I Wish I Were In Love Again - Judy Garland
18. I Married An Angel: I Married An Angel - Nelson Eddy
19. I Married An Angel: At The Roxy Music Hall - Audrey Christie
20. I Married An Angel: Little Work-A-Day World - Nelson Eddy
21. I Married An Angel: Spring Is Here - Nelson Eddy
22. I Married An Angel: How To Win Friends And Influence People - Audrey Christie
23. I Married An Angel: I'll Tell The Man In The Street - Nelson Eddy
24. Too Many Girls: You're Nearer - Frances Langford

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