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The Mystery of Edwin Drood (7)
Rupert Holmes (31)
Rupert Holmes (31)
Rupert Holmes (31)

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December 10, 2012
Audio / Stage Cast
US / NY / New York
Studio 54
Roundabout Theatre Company
Recording Studio
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Hugh Fordin (144)
Cynthia Daniels (19)
Liner Notes
Rupert Holmes (31)
Scott Ellis (17)
Paul Gemignani (102)
Music Director
Paul Gemignani (102)
Rupert Holmes (31)
Dance Music
Sam Davis (17)
Nicholas Barasch (2) — Deputy / Master Nick Cricker, Peter Benson (6) — Bazzard / Mr. Phillip Bax, Stephanie J. Block (20) — Edwin Drood / Miss Alice Nutting, Will Chase (23) — John Jasper / Mr. Clive Paget, Alison Cimmet (6) — Beatrice / Miss Violet Balfour, Kyle Coffman (3) — Mr. Christopher Lyon, Nick Corley (7) — Stage Manager and Barkeep / Mr. James Throttle, Robert Creighton (9) — Durdles / Mr. Nick Cricker, Janine Divita (3) — Wendy / Miss Isabel Yearsley, Gregg Edelman (52) — Reverend Mr. Crisparkle / Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe, Andy Karl (17) — Neville Landless / Mr. Victor Grinstead, Shannon Lewis (8) — Miss Florence Gill, Jessie Mueller (6) — Helena Landless / Miss Janet Conover, Jim Norton (2) — Chairman / Mr. William Cartwright, Spencer Plachy — Mr. Harry Sayle, Chita Rivera (61) — The Princess Puffer / Miss Angela Prysock, Kiira Schmidt (2) — Miss Gwendolen Pynn, Eric Sciotto (3) — Mr. Alan Eliot, Jim Walton (18) — Mr. Montague Pruitt, Betsy Wolfe (10) — Rosa Bud / Miss Deirdre Peregrine
Include a revised Ceylon (which now incorporates A British Subject), cut-song An English Music Hall as the new 2nd act opener, and extended ballet music (Jasper's Vision/Smoke Ballet). Re-orchestrated by Holmes for 19-pieces.


DRG 19883
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5 Revisions
Disc 1:
1. There You Are -- Jim Norton, Chita Rivera, Stephanie J. Block, Will Chase, Andy Karl, Betsy Wolfe, and Company
2. A Man Could Go Quite Mad -- Will Chase
3. Two Kinsmen -- Stephanie J. Block, Will Chase
4. Moonfall -- Betsy Wolfe
5. Moonfall Quartet -- Betsy Wolfe, Jessie Mueller, Alison Cimmet, Janine Divita
6. The Wages of Sin -- Chita Rivera
7. Opium Den Ballet
8. Ceylon
A British Subject -- Jessie Mueller, Andy Karl, Stephanie J. Block, Betsy Wolfe, Gregg Edelman
9. Both Sides of the Coin -- Will Chase, Jim Norton
10. Perfect Strangers -- Stephanie J. Block, Betsy Wolfe
11. No Good Can Come from Bad -- Andy Karl, Betsy Wolfe, Jessie Mueller, Gregg Edelman, Will Chase, Stephanie J. Block, Peter Benson
12. Never the Luck -- Peter Benson
13. Off to the Races -- Jim Norton, Robert Creighton, Nicholas Barasch, Chita Rivera, and Company
Disc 2:
1. An English Music Hall -- Jim Norton, Jessie Mueller, Greg Edelman, Andy Karl, Robert Creighton, Nicholas Barasch, Janine Divita, Shannon Lewis, and Company
2. Settling up the Score -- Chita Rivera, Stephanie J. Block
3. The Name of Love
Moonfall Duet -- Betsy Wolfe, Will Chase, and Company
4. Don't Quit While You're Ahead -- Chita Rivera, Stephanie J. Block, Betsy Wolfe, Jessie Mueller, Andy Karl, Greg Edelman, Robert Creighton, Peter Benson, Nicholas Barasch, Will Chase, Jim Norton, and Company
5. Don't Quit While You're Ahead "Encore" -- The Company
6. Don't Quit While You're Ahead (Voting Reprise) -- Chita Rivera, Peter Benson, Will Chase, Robert Creighton, Gregg Edelman, Andy Karl, Jessie Mueller, Betsy Wolfe
7. The Garden Path to Hell -- Chita Rivera
8. Out on a Limerick (Bazzard) -- Peter Benson
9. Out on a Limerick (Helena) -- Jessie Mueller
10. Jasper's Confession -- Will Chase
11. Rosa's Confession -- Betsy Wolfe
12. Durdles' Confession -- Robert Creighton
13. Helena's Confession -- Jessie Mueller
14. Puffer's Confession -- Chita Rivera
15. Neville's Confession -- Andy Karl
16. Bazzard's Confession -- Peter Benson
17. Crisparkle's Confession -- Gregg Edelman
18. Perfect Strangers (Lovers' Reprise) -- Chita Rivera, Nicholas Barasch, Jessie Mueller, Andy Karl, Betsy Wolfe, Robert Creighton
19. The Writing on the Wall -- Stephanie J. Block and Company

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