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Universal UK 2720002 (CD)

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The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings

Warner Bros 47045 (20-CD)

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Submitted by: jamesfredericks on 2013-09-10

Release Reel to Reel RTRCDBOX8 (10-CD)

Submitted by: CraigRhyne on 2018-12-12

Images contributed by: CraigRhyne

Release Universal UK 2720002 (CD)

Submitted by: jamesfredericks on 2013-09-10

Images contributed by: jamesfredericks

Release Warner Bros 47045 (20-CD)

Submitted by: Geoconno on 2008-09-04

Images contributed by: Geoconno (2), hitormiss

Corrections contributed by: Geoconno (2), jamesfredericks

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