My Lovely Day with Lizbeth Webb: The Champagne Soprano > Lizbeth Webb

Type: Audio / Stage Cast / (Compilation)
Method: Studio
Language: English
Music: Alexander Borodin (39)Vivian Ellis (51)George Forrest (142)Jerome Kern (583)Franz Leh├ír (91)Frank Loesser (331)Karl Millocker (10)Ivor Novello (101)Richard Rodgers (1182)Franz Schubert (9)Oscar Straus (30)Robert Wright (140)
Lyrics: Vivian Ellis (51)George Forrest (142)Oscar Hammerstein II (832)A.P. Herbert (25)Frank Loesser (331)Eric Maschwitz (22)Alan Melville (20)Ivor Novello (101)Adrian Ross (26)Robert Wright (140)
Liner Notes: Rexton S. Bunnett (72)Kurt Ganzl
Performer: Lizbeth Webb (14)
Notes: Contains Lizbeth Webb's recordings from 'Bless the Bride', 'Guys and Dolls', 'Big Ben' and 'Gay's the Word'


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Title: My Lucky Day with Lizbeth Webb: The Champagne Soprano
Format: 2-CD
Label: Halswell LWC001
Released: 2003
Barcode: 456345642342
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Also contains: Big Ben - 1946 London Replacement Cast
Bless the Bride - 1947 Original Cast
Gay's the Word - 1950 Original London Cast
I've Never Been In Love Before / If I Were a Bell - 1953 Lizbeth Webb
Show Boat - 1951 Studio Cast
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CD 1: (Studio)
1. This Is My Lovely Day
2. When I Was Young
3. Finder Please Return
4. I Want To See The People Happy
5. We'll Find A Way
6. I've Never Been In Love Before
7. Showboat Medley
8. Sweet Thames
9. Maybe
10. The Sun Never Sets On My Dreams
11. All In The Game
12. If I Were A Bell
13. Love Is My Reason
14. I Was Never Kissed Before
15. On Such A Night As This
CD 2: (Live)
1. Symphonie
2. It's A Grand Night For Singing
3. Thomas T
4. I Was Never Kissed Before
5. I'll Know
6. If I Were A Bell
7. The Golden Song
8. Musetta's Waltz
9. My Hero
10. My Beloved
11. Vilia
12. Fa La Nanna Bamblin
13. Lullaby
14. I Give My Heart
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