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Show: Moulin Rouge (5)
Book: Baz Luhrmann (4)Craig Pearce

Date: 2009
Type: Audio / Stage Cast
Language: EnglishGerman
Location: Germany
Performer: Manuela BäckerAdam JaskolkaAxel KrausRobert Meyer (2)Anna Montanaro (9)Jens OchmannMarkus SteubelJesper Tydén (14)


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Format: CD
Label: Oval Office
Released: 2009-01
Barcode: 4037256012156
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Lists: 109 collectors / 8 wish lists
1. Lady Marmelade / Sparkling Diamonds -- Anna Montanaro, Manuela Bäcker
2. Life Is So Good To Me / Sexy Eyes -- Robert Meyer, Adam Jaskolka, Umut Sinan Zor, Jens Ochmann
3. Love At First Sight -- Jesper Tydén
4. Your Song / Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend -- Anna Montanaro, Jesper Tydén
5. Moulin Rouge, Moulin Rouge -- Markus Streubel, Ensemble
6. One Day I'll Fly Away -- Anna Montanaro, Jesper Tydén
7. Elephant Love-Medley -- Anna Montanaro, Jesper Tydén
8. Sei kein Narr -- Jesper Tydén, Jens Ochmann
9. Can Can Spectacular - Markus Streubel, Axel Kraus, Ensemble
10. Like A Virgin -- Axel Kraus
11. Die Liebe ist wie Große Oper -- Anna Montanaro
12. Das Spiel tut weh -- Anna Montanaro, Jens Ochmann
13. C'est La Vie -- Jesper Tydén
14. Medley Roxanne / Spectacular 1 / I Will Survive / Spectacular 2 -- Anna Montanaro, Axel Kraus
15. Angel of Moulin Rouge (Bonus Track, Radio Edit) -- Anna Montanaro, Jesper Tydén

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