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Show: Frankie and Johnny
Music: Robert Cobert
Lyrics: Dion McGregor (2)
Book: Robert Cobert

Date: 1957
Type: Audio / Concept Recording
Language: English
Liner Notes: Edward Cole (4)
Conductor: Herb Harris (2)
Orchestrations: Philip J. Lang (103)
Performer: Joan Coburn (2)Nathaniel Frey (13)Jane HouseMary Mayo (4)Danny Scholl (8)


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Format: LP
Label: MGM 3499
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Act I (Record Side 1):
1. Scene I:
St. Louis Ramble -- Entire Company
My World Is a Woman Who Loves Me -- Mary Mayo, Danny Scholl
2. Scene II:
Another Day, Another Dollar -- Danny Scholl
Love Is My Wedding Ring -- Mary Mayo
3. Scene III: Jack of All Trades -- Danny Scholl, Men
4. Scene IV: It Takes a Great Big Man -- Joan Coburn
5. Scene V:
Opening -- Danny Scholl
Ever Since Eve -- Nathaniel Frey
6. Scene VI: Leanin' in the Doorway -- Mary Mayo
Act II (Record Side 2):
1. Scene I: Happy Feelin' -- Danny Scholl, Men
2. Scene II:
Just One More Drink -- Nathaniel Frey, Danny Scholl
We Could Have Fun -- Joan Coburn, Danny Scholl
3. Scene III: It Hurts to Fall in Love So Hard -- Danny Scholl, Jane House
4. Scene IV:
Montage -- Entire Company
Postlude -- Mary Mayo, Danny Scholl
Johnny's Farewell -- Danny Scholl, Mary Mayo
5. Scene V Epilogue: Love Is My Wedding Ring (reprise) -- Mary Mayo

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