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Show: Demi-Dozen
Book: Bill Dana (4)

Date: 1958
Type: Audio / Stage Cast
Language: English
Conductor: Stan Keen (2)
Performer: Jeanne Arnold (4)Ceil Cabot (5)Jane Connell (21)Jack Fletcher (12)George Hall (7)Gerry Matthews (6)


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Format: LP
Label: Offbeat 4015
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Side A:
1. Grand Opening
2. Yes, Sirree
3. Mister Off-Broadway
4. You Facinate Me So
5. Conference Call
6. The Holy Man and The New Yorker
7. The Race of the Lexington Avenue Express
8. Sunday In New York
9. The Intellectuals Rag
Side B:
1. A Seasonal Sonatina
2. One and All
3. Portafina
4. Guess Who Was There
5. 3rd Avenue El
6. Statehood Hula
7. Monk's Merrie Minstrel Show (Grand Finale)

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