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Show: By Jeeves (6)
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber (471)
Lyrics: Alan Ayckbourn (7)
Book: Alan Ayckbourn (7)

Date: 1996
Type: Noncommercial Audio / Radio Cast
Language: English
Group/Studio: BBC Radio 2
Music Director: Kate Young (8)
Orchestrations: David Cullen (88)Andrew Lloyd Webber (471)
Performer: Robert Austin (6)Nicolas Colicos (28)Simon Day (5)Nicholas Haverson (4)Richard Long (6)Diana Morrison (8)Steven Pacey (7)Cathy Sara (4)Denise Silvey (9)Malcolm Sinclair (4)Giles TaylorLucy Tregear (3)Mike Windsor


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15 Collectors    11 Wishers


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Format: 2-CD
Released: 1996
Lists: 15 collectors / 11 wish lists
Length: 84:58
Disc One
1. BBC Announcement
2. A Little Introductory Chat
3. Wooster Will Entertain You
4. Scene: The Narrative Begins
5. I'm In Love
6. Scene: The Plot Thickens
7. Travel Hopefully
8. Scene: A Curious Hedgehog Incident
9. Travel Hopefully (Reprise)
10. Scene: In Which My Character Is Tested
11. That Was Nearly Us
12. Scene: Days Of Jam And Mazes
13. Love's Maze
14. Scene: Wooster Thinks On His Feet
15. The Hallo Song
16. Scene: An Identity Crisis
17. The Hallo Song (Reprise)
18. Scene: An Identity Crisis (Or Two)
Disc Two
1. By Jeeves
2. Scene: Wooster Nobly Intercedes
3. When Love Arrives
4. Scene: I Answer The Call Of The Code
5. Half A Moment
6. Scene: I Risk My Neck To Save The Bacon
7. It's A Pig!
8. Scene: A Satisfactory Outcome
9. Banjo Boy
10. BBC Closing Remarks
11. Banjo Boy (Reprise)

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